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A wife and mother of two boys. There names are Stephen And Heath.I am married to a wonderful husband ,Eddie, for 22 years.We go to First Baptist Church of Hazel Green.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Updates on Stephen's music

My son Stephen is now signed and professionally recording in Nashville, TN with New Voice Entertainment. New Voice was started by David Fanning as well as Kurt Allison, Tully Kennedy and Rich Redmond (Better know as Jason Aldeans Band) Things have really taken off for him over the last few months. I could go on and on about him so im just going go copy and paste his bio and everything from myspace. He just recorded a club mix to Jason Aldean's number 1 hit She's Country and it is being released July 21st on itunes! Never thought my son's first big song would be with a country artist. haha. Be sure to check him as well of his label partners out, they are very talented!

PhotobucketThere's not just one way to describe the style of Finesse. From the early years to the present his taste in music has always covered many genres of music. Being from the small town of Hazel Green, Alabama right outside of Huntsville, of course Finesse (aka Stephen Moore) has his country roots but he was also raised listening to artists like Pac & NWA. At an early age Finesse was hooked on music and knew this is the career he would pursue. He started off playing drums and wrote poetry from the time he knew how to structure a sentence. Don’t ever limit "Ness" to the South…he has an East Coast flow to his Southern voice and is one of the few artists from Bama who could survive in a New York cypher. Some of his biggest influences in hip hop are artists like Jay-Z, Chamillionaire, and Bone Thugz, but he also has a crazy respect for southern rap. Finesse describes what he’s trying to do as putting punchlines and real lyrics over crunk southern beats and just being versatile as possible. "I am ME and I just make sure every song is a part of me."
In December of 2008 Finesse signed a production deal with New Voice Entertainment out of Nashville, TN. New Voice is made up of Kurt Allison, Tully Kennedy, Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean's Band) and Rock artist David Fanning. They went into the studio and what came together was a 4 song Rap/Rock EP. In July 2009 Finesse did a "Club Mix" of the smash 1 Jason Aldean song, "She's Country." The song will be released on iTunes July 21st 2009. Contact http://www.myspace.com/newvoiceentertainment">New Voice Entertainment for bookings or any other information about Finesse or call 615-280-5313

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Updates on Me and My Family's Life

Hey, It's been awhile since I last blogged. I thought I would like to share some updates with me and my family. I am doing a little better but I still hurt alot and will probably be having more surgery because I have another cyst and hernia too. I hurt alot most days but I will get through it. I have came a long way. Heath is doing good in school, I can not believe he will be 13 in June. He is going back to camp again! Hope it all works out good. He's really excited about it and I am too. Stephen and I have gotten very close. I will be going to some of his gigs and traveling to Nashville with him. Eddie is still taking good care of me. I love him to death for it. Although him and the kids constantly torment me. Today was my Dads 63rd birthday. We went out to eat at Logans. We had a good time. Mom, Dad, Me, Stephen, and Heath laughed all the way home. I'm glad I was here to enjoy this day with my family.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remember When- 9/11 by Stephen Moore

I got up this morning thinking about 9/11 and remembered this poem stephen wrote 4 years ago:

I remember turning on the T.V. seeing this grief within a scene
Barely a teen sitting in class the location NYC
I was just sitting there, heard a plane had hit the towers
Though it was a accident until the next one hit within an hour
Next Up:News Flash..... The Pentagons Hit
More fire and smoke,9/11 dont forget
Remember when the bodies jumping to the ground,terrified by the sounds
The towers falling down, Death looking over the town
Remember when lovers kissed there mates for the last time
Saying goodbye to wives, never knowing that thier life would flash before there eyes
Think back 9/11 the buildings the planes were flown
To the second we watched the towers become a pile of paint and stone
To when the first plane collided against the towers face and Remember when we watched as it collapsed on its foundation
Leaving nothing but a bitter surplus
Among those who saw it,death served its purpose
Every station in the nastion, hurt by misplaced hate
Just thinking about it,cant handle my mindstate
The worlds stressing,people in the towers begging
To everyone we lost in 9/11, Rest in Heaven
Remember when firefighters risked their lives to save us
The U.S came together, We changed our behavior
Bad luck,all of a sudden life gets tough
Its sad that it took death to wake us up
Remember the deaths, the screams, the lives that leaves
Families that grief, Parents no longer seeing their seeds
A nation in need, shedding tears, seeing site I cant believe
Ground Zero, the smoke arose, now its hard to go to sleep
Reminiscing of last kisses,the wishes the pilots that dismembered them
Remember when,cause ill always reember them
We made it through hard times through diabolical sites
Its 3 years now, We still at war trying to fight
But the best I can do is keep my head up and pray it will be alright
Remember When? Cause thats something that will stay with me for life.

Just wanted to share .Have Bless Day

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Family and Friends

I just want everyone to know how much I appreciate the calls,cards, all the visits, and food.And I want to thank my family for staying with me around the clock and able to see me ten or twenty minutes.And I want to thank Eddie for his support and telling me to not give up and he loves me so much and I love him more than I can imagine. Heath has been a big big help to me helping me do things.And Stephen and I have gotten very close after what happen that is one good things that came out of this and I am so glad how he understood how much I do care and love him.I can not thank Kim,Connor,Troy,Demeshia enough for taking care of Heath for me and Eddie I am so glad we are such good friends.Lynn and Kim thanks for talking to Eddie and talking to me and helped with all the problems I had, and saying it is going to be okay. Thanks for everything, Kerry and Cindy. Every day is so hard but everyone keeps telling me to be strong. May God Bless You All and I will never forget what everyone has done.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Family Time

Well summer is almost over and we have not had much of a summer here.So yesterday we had a family day.We went to the movies twice to see Space Chimps and The Mummy.We had lunch/supper at Red Robin it was so goooood.I was dying to eat there because thats the only commercial on in the SICU when I wasnt allowed to eat anything. Then we went to the Chocolate Crocodile. We got peanut butter fudge and pecan clusters. This is the first time Eddie went to the movies with Heath. We had alot of fun being together.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 22, 2008

Hey I finally got the hang of how to blog and leave comments too. As most people know I liked to have died May 23 when I went to have exploratory surgery but it went wrong they hit my main artery and spleen and I liked to have died on the table, the trauma doctors came in and stopped the bleeding. Then they had to go back 3 days later to do the surgery they started.I was on life support for 5 days and was in SICU for a total of 10 days and in a room 4 days. God saved my life and I am so proud to be here. And one good thing that came of this is that my oldest son Stephen and I have gotten very close. We have had alot problems but it is all good now. My husband and my other son Heath have been through alot too but they're just glad that I'm doing better each day. Hope you have good day.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Eddie and Heath helped me get this up running.I hope you enjoy this.